Synergistic Deliberation is meant to bring about progress on complex topics which impact a diverse population. It utilizes techniques such as the Socratic Method and other dialectic discourse methodologies, so that all involved participants can understand that, while their own views have flaws, we can work together in a civil manner to help each other understand what we want, what we fear, and what we agree on. We can then continue to work together to find solutions to our common challenges: solutions that support our different needs, and which provide the best possible outcome for each of us – and for all of us.

In addition to practicing reasoning which is both sound and valid, successful engagement in Synergistic Deliberation requires each participant to commit to certain principles:

  1. Behind every argument is someone’s ignorance.” -Louis D. Brandeis
  2. In all debates, let Truth be thy aim, not Victory.” -William Penn
  3. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” -Marie Curie